Our Vision

 To be the number one brand, in plastic piping market in all of the Philippine Islands.

Our Mission

We will be one in achieving the vision by:

• Serving high quality products and services to achieve total customer satisfaction.

• Improving continuously to respond to an ever changing market

• Employing advanced technologies.

• Evolving into new supply chains thru partnerships and alliances with other leading industrial businesses.

• Being a responsible and reliable partner to all stakeholders

• Helping build green communities and opportunities for them.

• Collaborating with governmental organizations.

• Creating a great place to work with enriched opportunities for employees, their families and communities while installing the values of HEART.

Quality Environmental Policy

To secure our continued leadership in plastics manufacturing industry,

We Atlanta Industries, Inc., affirm our commitment to:

• Provide quality products and services that satisfy customer requirements

• Adhere to established and recognized standards of quality and safety

• Continually improve our quality & environmental management system

• Promote growth and development of our people

• Prevent or minimize waste pollution

• Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements on quality and environment



We take quality seriously in terms of honesty is concern. Stringent checks at every stage of production and at warehouse ensure that the product delivered to you conforms to our quality standards. Hence, honesty is in our deepest core. 


From management, to operators to delivery personnel to office staff, we implement global best practices and continuous improvement to provide the best product and service to you.


Atlanta maintains a constant support with clients and industry partners. We make sure solutions must address to their concerns, putting their needs on top of our priority.


Atlanta is built on the people and relationships it has developed over its long years in the industry. We maintained it by treating our employees, customers and business partners with respect and fairness. At Atlanta we value trusted partnerships.


With a huge industry at stake, it involves a wide workforce at side. Atlanta creates harmonious workflows and maintaining a relationship of oneness, treating everyone as important as the other, like interconnected chains of teamwork, same goes through to our clients, ensuring 100% satisfactory to all transactions, before and after sales services.