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The ATLANTA Blue-In House uPVC Pipe is used for potable drinking water, ideally installed inside the house or building which requires only small diameter pipe.
ATLANTA Watermain is ideally applicable for potable water distribution system. It is duly accepted and approved by MWSI, MWCI and LWUA.
ATLANTA DWV sanitary pipe is designed for above and underground sanitary piping system. It is ideal for drain, waste and vent installation.
ATLANTA Sewer pipe can be used for main sewer system and other underground waste piping system which requires big diameter pipes. It is commonly specified for sewerage and drainage systems in commercial and industrial factories, high rise buildings and housing projects.
The ATLANTA Permaline uPVC conduit is highly suitable for the protection of electrical wires and power cables. It comes into two types namely, the thick wall and the thin wall which are recommended for exposed and embedded applications, respectively.
The ATLANTA chlorine PVC is ideally designed for hot and cold water piping system. ATLANTA chlorine PVC pipe is a bacteria safe pipe. It conforms to ASTM D-2846, the same standard used in the USA.
The ATLANTA High Density Polyethylene Pipe is ideal for potable water main distribution and service connection system. It conforms to ISO-4427 / BPS PNS-55.
The ATLANTA PVC Door’s extruded hollow board is designed to offer excellent sound proofing qualities. Exposed surfaces of door panel are given a special hardening treatment to ensure durability and enhance the beauty and luster of the door.
The ATLANTA PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels’ elegant and beautiful wall and ceiling panel is best for all types of rooms. It is pre-painted and it will not rust nor warp making it maintenance free and more economical.
The ATLANTA PVC Stair Nosing is designed to prevent noise and has an excellent anti-sliding function. It is strong and durable, easy to install and maintain.
The elegant and durable ATLANTA Unique PVC Baseboard is designed for the protection of wall finish and used as a decor. It comes into two types – the laminated and the non-laminated board. It is easy to install and maintenance-free.
The ATLANTA PVC Fence has three (3) kinds of fencing namely, the Atlanta PVC Picket Fence, for residential and commercial edifices, Atlanta PVC Ranch Rail, for ranches in raising livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep and other farm animals, and Atlanta PVC Lawn Rail, ideal in protecting and enhancing the beauty of lawns in residential and commercial establishments.
ATLANTA Duracon re-fabricated uPVC gutter and downspout system is best for draining rainwater from roofs of houses and factories. The entire system is made from uPVC which incorporates an ultra-violet light inhibitor, formulated to stand up strong sunlight and resist embrittlement and acids present in rainwater.
The ATLANTA Duraroof is made for roofs suited for corrosive areas. It is ideally used in industrial buildings such as petro-chemical plants, power plants, warehouses, factories. Institutional, Commercial and Residential buildings.
The ATLANTA PVC Tile Trim is used for tile edging and protects edges of tiles from chipping off and cracking. It has a wide variety of colors to choose from that would be suitable to different tile colors and design.
The ATLANTA Tile Joint Spacer is used for tile spacing to maintain the even spacing between the tiles and for consistency of the tile alignment. It comes in various widths according to the tile size.
The ATLANTA PVC T-runner is ideally designed for ceiling t-runner system. It is easy to install and repair, lightweight, durable & elegant. The ATLANTA PVC Ceiling Board is used for interior spaces such as offices, residential and commercial buildings.
The ATLANTA Utility box is an electrical device used in splicing of wirings for switches and convenient outlets. It has built-in brass thread holder for easy threading of screws. The ATLANTA Junction box is commonly used for splicing of wirings for lighting layout. It comes with a junction box cover & screws and it has a built-in solid brass thread holder.