Atlanta Industries, Blazemaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems continue to earn notable accolades with a new ASTM material classification and the Home Builder Executive’s Gold Innovation Award.

KWD-global pipe, 18.07.2014. For more than 30 years, dependability, ease-of-use, and cost efficiency have been the cornerstones of The Lubrizol Corporation’s BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems, the fire protection industry’s preferred pipe and fittings for new construction and retrofitting applications.

Since its introduction to the marketplace in 1984, BlazeMaster pipe and fittings have paved the way for CPVC in the fire protection market by continuously demonstrating its value as a viable, versatile fire protection solution for light hazard construction applications. Even after three decades of leadership, Lubrizol CPVC innovators are still pushing the BlazeMaster system to new levels of excellence, achieving the pressure temperature rating of 100 psi at 180 degrees to meet the revised ASTM F441-4120-06 material classification. Additionally, BlazeMaster pipe and fittings are a UL-listed CPVC system for use in exposed composite wood joist basement applications.

Distinctions like these, as well as a demonstrated ability to provide strength under pressure, have helped the BlazeMaster system earn the coveted Home Builder Executive’s Gold Innovation Award for two consecutive years. As a cost-effective, less labor-intensive and durable solution for light-hazard construction applications, BlazeMaster systems have opened new opportunities for creating safer living and working spaces.