Atlanta Industries, Inc. reaffirms its unwavering commitment to providing quality products to its customers as the Company successfully passed its re-certification audit on ISO 9001:2008, performed by SGS Philippines, Inc., one of the world’s leading certification companies.

Atlanta passes through Quality Management System certification since 2001. During this time, the Company has been actively developing and implementing new procedures, improving the efficiency of all areas of the organization. The fundamental principles of the Company’s Quality Management System are customer focus, the role of top management, the involvement of people, process-based management system, and continual improvement.

Although the objective of passing the ISO re-certification audit was attained, the continual improvement and sustainable development is still the company’s constant pursuit.

The certification is effective May 18, 2012, to May 17, 2015.



Atlanta pipes and fittings are made of select prime grade raw materials and manufactured under a strict quality control procedure using the latest and most advanced extrusion and injection equipment. Atlanta pipes meet international standards and conform to ISO, JIS, BS, PNS and ASTM specifications.

Advantages of Atlanta products include lightweight construction, high chemical resistance, low flow resistance, leak proof joints, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. These proven qualities make Atlanta pipes and fittings superior to other kinds of conventional piping material and the top choice in mining, chemical process, sanitation, irrigation, household and other industrial piping applications.

With an outstanding track record, Atlanta Industries, Inc. has established itself as one of Philippine’s leading manufacturers of high-grade industrial pipes and fittings. It continues to develop and produce new, modern and innovative building construction materials through the latest and most advanced processing technology for both uPVC and HDPE pipes.

Armed with a dynamic and enthusiastic manpower, Atlanta continues to maintain and improve the quality and efficiency that it has gained throughout the years.