Atlanta Industries, Inc. introduces its improved Gutter & Downspout system made of uPVC which is best for draining rainwater from roofs houses & factories.

Atlanta Duracon is a complete system – gutter, downspout & full range of accessories including new PVC gutter bracket & PVC downspout clamp. The entire system is made from uPVC which incorporates an ultra-violet inhibitor, formulated to stand-up to strong sunlight & resist embrittlement.

Atlanta Duracon is clean, smooth & has an attractive appearance. Its concealed brackets pressure the neatness & the clean line of the gutter. The smooth surface contributes to a better water flow. The white color of Atlanta Duracon is built-in permanently, however it can be painted to any color desired using acrylic paint.

This gutter & downspout system is maintenance free – the rigid uPVC material will not corrode, chip, rust, blister, pull or wear away. The system is very easy to install – it is lightweight & uses simple tools. And, Atlanta Duracon is available in grey & white.