The opening ceremonies of the annual Atlanta Basketball League were held at The Upper Deck Lifestyle Center last July 30, 2018 that was organized by Atlanta Industries Inc in partnership with Kings of the Court Sports Organizing Services Inc. This year mark a great achievement for the league with 22 teams participating in becoming the Atlanta Basketball League 2018 champions. This league aims to build camaraderie, good sportsmanship and a stronger bond between the business partners of Atlanta Industries Inc.

The 2018 season ended with the its victors for each division namely: MDC Brotherhood for Blazemaster Division and Ironcon for Flowguard Division.

This event would not be possible without the participation of our valued business partners. The teams in the Blazemaster Division: MDC Brotherhood, Techwerk, AMD Construction, H1 Architecture, IMMCE, Abe Aquatech, Agchem, Design & Engineering, Arch. JOGAN & Associates, Asya Design Partners, AC Ong, HEO, Palafox and Vision Arch. Flowguard Division: Maynilad, Filinvest, Atlanta, NBFCI Pirates, Ironcon Builders, WYS-Weldon Engineers, Edward Co Tan & Architects and Richard N. Santos & Associates.

And of course, this event will not be possible without the help of our dearest sponsors: MZAN Logistics and Distribution, Inc., Oceanic Container Lines, Inc., Alarme Transport Services and Logistics, Inc., Manila Chemical Center, Inc., Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., Fedchem Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. Unilox Industrial Corporation and MPR Enterprises. 

Atlanta Industries, Inc., since 1978, has established itself as one of Philippine’s leading manufacturers of high-grade industrial pipes and fittings. Atlanta Industries Inc. has an excellent track record of bringing new and exciting products to the Philippines that provides solutions to old problems.

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